Meet Kamari 

As a child, I was always infatuated with dolls. Every birthday and Christmas I asked for a new doll, not to play house, but to practice new styles on their hair. Around the age of 8, I used my life size Bratz Doll Head to learn how to corn row. I would practice on myself and friends for years until I finally felt confident enough to begin servicing others. 

Although hair was a passion of mine from an early age, receiving higher education was of the utmost importance to my family. While in college at Xavier University of Louisiana, I studied Public Health and maintained braiding hair as a “side hustle”. It wasn’t until I completed my Masters program that I decided to pursue doing hair as a full time career. A few months after graduating with my Masters in Public health, I enrolled in Vanguard College of Cosmetology. 

Cosmetology school opened my eyes to how broad the cosmetology industry is, but also showed me that there was a gap within the protective style curriculum and hands on training. Throughout cosmetology school, I was able to expand my specialty of braids to include custom colored wigs and natural hair maintenance.
In 2021, Tones & Texture was born. Tones & Texture provides clients
with chic and convenient protective style options that help maintain the health of their. Through Tones & Texture, I am dedicated to empowering women to look and feel their best in various options of protective styles. 
- Kamari